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First and foremost we are a British manufacture and we take great pride in the high quality of our work and our skilled artisans.  We, like most British manufacturers, need your continued support. 

You are probably unaware that many "so called British manufacturers" actually import doors from mainland Europe and the Far-East then hang and swing them in their own frames!!  This obviously has an impact upon the carbon footprint and all too often the reality is not disclosed to you during the estimating and order stage. 

At EDSL's we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of joinery and doorsets whether on the shop floor or in the office.  As a bespoke manufacture we offer a first class service and very rarely limit you as to what can be achieved. 

Where required, we are happy to present or prepare samples so that everyone involved; Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Contractors and end-users can view, comment and come to an agreement.

As part of our "one stop shop" commitment, for our clients, please speak to us about Ironmongery, Architrave, Skirting, Plinth Blocks, Dados, Picture Rails, Window Boards, Corner Blocks and alike.

Can I buy Direct?

Absolutely.  We are happy to receive Orders from Specifiers, Contractors or the End Client. 

If you do not have an "account" with EDSL then Orders can be placed with a 50% deposit and the balance payable 10 days prior to delivery.

Please note for overseas projects EDSL will manufacture and deliver to a mainland UK destination/port from where the "client" must make their own arrangements for the onward journey.   It would be advisable to discuss your packaging requirements at an early stage (at estimating) so that this can be costed together with any other speacial requirements. 

Can you make Doorsets to any Size?

Yes.  Occasionally the dimensions you require may exceed the parameters for any relevant performance requirements that you may also require such as Fire, Acoustics and Security. 

Do you offer Doorsets with Glazing?


EDSL offer Doors, Screens, Fanlights and Sidelights with a variety glazing options, beading, glazing bars, fire ratings and acoustic properties.  Occasionally due to the weight and size of a particular item the glass will be supplied separate, though cut to size with glazing beads also cut to size, mitered and loose pinned. 

How long can you hold your Quotations for?

EDSL quotations are valid for 60 days with full fluctuation thereafter. 

What Finishes can you offer?

EDSL can offer an extensive range of finishes from primer to stains and oils. 

We also offer a colour and sheen matching service.  However, please note that timber and veneers are a natural product and that the Stains, Lacquers, Oils, Sheens and alike can offer variations when applied.  In addition if you are trying to match the floor to the door then because the door and floor are at right angles to each the "light" will create a noticeable difference even though the two have the same stain and look very similar when viewed at the same angle.

NOTE:  Please allow primed doors(sets) to “acclimatise” on site for at least 2-3 weeks before applying an undercoat or the top-coats (remember to de-nib in between coats!). 

How do I advise what Handings my Doorsets are?

When you are viewing the door look for the hinge knuckles. 

a) When the door is closed, if the hinge knuckles are on the right, then this is a Right Hand Hung Doorset.  

b) When the door is closed, if the hinge knuckles are on the left, then this is a Left Hand Hung Doorset.  

Ideally, we would request floor plans that accurately detail the door handing (swing).

What is a Pre-hung Doorset?

EDSL definition of a pre-hung doorset is a factory hung door in its frame.  EDSL would hinge recess the doors and frames and where required grooves for fire smoke/intumescent strips.

Architraves, Plinth Blocks, Corner Blocks do not form part of the EDSL defined pre-hung doorset.  Similarly, ironmongery prep-work such lock mortising, letter-plates, spy holes, drop-seals and the mortise of flush-bolts, although offered, do not form part of the EDSL pre-hung doorset.

Lead Times

As a guide, for Flush Doorset, we would advise 6 weeks from receipt of Order and Confirmation of all Relevant Details.

For Joinery Doorset, please allow for 8 weeks from receipt of Order and Confirmation of all Relevant Details.

Please note for overseas projects EDSL will manufacture and deliver to a mainland UK destination/port from where the "client" must make their own arrangements for the onward journey.   It would be advisable to discuss your packaging requirements at an early stage (at estimating) so that this can be costed together with any other speacial requirements. 

Handling & Storage





Doors, Frames & Doorsets are high quality products which, can be heavy and difficult to move around a busy site.  Please unload and handle with care to avoid damage.



Products should be stacked flat on a minimum of 3 level bearers (at least 100mm off the floor) and to a height of no more than 1M.



Products must be stored internally with packaging intact.  Site conditions should be dry and well ventilated.  Products should be stored away from heaters or fires.  If possible, store the doors in the area they are to be installed.  Never leave these products outdoors.  DO NOT store doors on their edge or ends.



Generally, doors, frames and door sets are “late second fix” items and should be timed so that the doors and frames are unfixed on-site for the least period of time possible.


Before removing outer packaging or commencing installation make sure that all wet trades i.e., plastering and painting, have completed.  In cold weather particularly, please ensure that the heating has been operational for at least 3 weeks and has stabilized the environment where the doors are to be fitted.

Download: handling-&-storage.pdf

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale
1. Definitions:
"The Parties" are the Company and the Purchaser.  The "Company" is Elite Door Solutions Limited.  The "Purchaser" is the party to whom this document is addressed.  These definitions shall apply whether the transaction is for the supply of goods or for the provisions of services or both.  "Relevant Quotation" is the Company's quotation against which the order is raised. "Acknowledged Order" is any transaction between The Parties to which these Conditions of Sale are herewith applied.  "Acknowledgement" by the Company is agreement to discharge the supplies or services under the Company's Condition of Sale.  When attached to a quotation, these conditions represent the terms under which the Company offers to discharge the supplies or services offered.  "Construction Issue" is the information issued by the Company to the Purchaser, carrying details and information describing exactly what has been agreed between these parties for the products to supplied; the details, finishes and dimensions and time frames thereto.
2. Revised Conditions:
Any stipulations by the Purchaser altering or varying any term or condition of sale is binding only if they are advised to the Company in writing and acknowledged as accepted by the Company in writing.  Purchase orders received and letters of Intent issued by the purchaser, will be acted on as if they were orders, in accordance with these terms issued by the Company to the Purchaser.
3. Cancellation:
In the event of cancellation of an acknowledged order, the Company must have acknowledged receipt of such cancellation and will be entitled to recover all costs and damages incurred up to the point of such a cancellation, including (but not limited to) loss of contribution.
4. Retention of Title: 
No goods supplied by the Company or the proceeds arising out of the sales of such goods are to be loaned, pledged or encumbered in any way in favour of a third party, and any attempt in respect of such loan, pledge or encumbrance shall be null and void as it is accepted unreservedly by the Purchaser that the title in such goods shall not pass save in accordance with full payment as set out at Clause 16 hereof.
5. Supply Lead-ins:
Delivery dates are quoted in good faith but no liability will be accepted for the failure or inability of the Company to deliver for whatever cause, howsoever arising, at or within the time quoted for appointed for delivery.
6. Receipt of Materials:
Any deliveries made by the Company will be accompanied by a delivery note, bearing a quantified description of the consignment.  These delivery notes must be signed upon delivery.  No claims for shortages can be accepted once signed.
7. Reports and Recommendations:
The Company accepts no liability in respect of any report, recommendation or scheme submitted to the Purchaser where no specific charge is made for such report recommendation or scheme.  Where such charge is made the Company's liability shall be limited as therein provided.  For the avoidance of doubt only such items as are offered at quotation or invoiced and charged as Reports and recommendations can be considered as such a commercial service.
8. Price and scope:
Prices quoted are based on costs ruling at the date of the quotation.  The order and will be subject to full fluctuation up to the supply date.
The Company is entitled to charge for any additional costs caused by any variation in the original contract or for any costs caused by the Purchaser's changes in scope.
The Company is also entitled to additional costs arising out of the Purchaser's failure to accept material or services when they are due for delivery or performance.  In such matters the Programs issued with any Construction Issued corresponded by the company the purchaser will be the point of reference for such charge.
9. VAT:
Unless expressly stated otherwise, prices do not include any Value Added Tax which may be chargeable and any such Tax will be added to the prices at prevailing rates, when goods are invoiced.
10. Carriage:   
(a) Carriage or packing charges (except as mentioned in paragraph (b)) shall be paid for by the Purchaser.

(b) The Company shall pay the cost of carriage and packing for goods only as stipulated in the relevant quotation or qualifications issued therewith.
(c) The Company shall be entitled to charge additional delivery charges as variations (see 8 above) at rates issued or carried in the Company's quotations terms.

11. Program: 
The Company accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from delay in supplying goods or services or for the non-supply to any dates agreed for delivery or performance which shall be regarded as estimated only.
12. Access: 
Where the Company is required to perform work on or deliver goods to the Purchaser's premises or premises specified by the Purchaser, the Company shall be given uninterrupted access facilities during normal working hours for the performance of the order.  The Purchaser shall accept delivery of, unload, provide suitable protection for and keep secure and in appropriate storage all of the materials delivered from time to time.
13. Storage & delivery:
Distribution and storage is the Purchaser's responsibility.  Timber and timber based products must be stored in a suitable environment with controlled humidity levels, to ensure there is no degradation in the materials supplied.
(a) An acknowledgement order shall be deemed to include the applied undertakings as to the title referred to in Section 13 of the Sale of Goods Act 1893 (as amended or the equivalent clause of English Law) except as expressly otherwise detailed herewith.
(b) In the case of consumer sales as defined by Section 55(7) of the Sale of Goods Act 1893(as amended or the equivalent clause of English Law) the provisions of Section 13, 14 & 15 shall apply.
(c) Unless expressly so stated in writing, goods are not sold or tested as conforming to any British Standard Specification nor save as herein provided, as fit for any particular purpose, or any other term, condition or warranty.

(d) The Purchaser does not rely on the Company's skill or judgement with regard to the goods. No person has authority to make any representation on the Company's behalf which is not made or confirmed in writing, and the Purchaser shall not and does not rely on any representation unless so made or confirmed.
(e) The Company shall only be liable for error, loss or damage if caused by circumstances within it's reasonable control.  If a claim is made by the Purchaser in writing within 12 months from the date of supply of the goods or services complained of and (where the claim relates to the supply of goods) if the goods are returned to the Purchaser carriage paid within such period the Company's liability, shall in any event be limited to an obligation to repair, replace or refund the cost of the defective goods.  The Company is not liable to consequential or anticipated costs howsoever arising.
(f) sub clause (e) hereof shall apply to those cases referred to in sub-clause (a) and (b) hereof.
14. Preservation of Statutory Rights:
Nothing in these conditions shall effect any statutory rights of the Purchaser where the contract relates to a consumer sale as defined in Section 55(7) of the Sale of Goods Act 1893 (as amended or the equivalent clause of English Law).
15. Contract Conditions:
Shall be on such terms as qualified herewith. No person has any authority to accept any amendment, further liability or to make any further promise on the Company's behalf unless confirmed by the Company in writing and signed by a Director of the Company.  In the event of any conflict between these conditions and any terms or conditions put forward by the Purchaser these conditions shall prevail, but the Purchaser may give written notice within 3 days of the receipt of this document that he refuses to be bound by these conditions in which case the Company may rescind the contract. Where the Purchaser's order was in relation to an offer by the Company issued under these same terms, then the Company shall be entitled to the compensation as set out at 3 above.
 16. Payment:
Unless otherwise specifically agreed all invoices are payable against a pro-forma invoice.   A 50% deposit must be paid with the Order and the balance paid 10 days prior to delivery.  Our pro-forma payment terms particularly apply to "new companies" or companies who have not traded with EDSL within the previous 12 months.  Furthermore, "new companies", for the first three purchase orders (new projects not 3 phases on the same project), will be invoiced on the above mentioned pro-forma basis.  After three transactions, if required, EDSL can perform a credit check with a view to offering credit terms on successful applications.

Where terms are agreed on a credit basis, all goods supplied shall be paid for within 30 days from date of invoice, unless specific alternative terms are stated in the acknowledgement or quotation.  If any settlement or MC discount is offered by the Company then the same shall be deductible ONLY if the goods are paid for with cleared funds within the above periods and on no account shall discount be deducted from value added tax or from late payments.
17. Credit Status and Failure to Pay on Time: 
If the Purchaser fails to make due payment of any money owed by it to the Company on whatever account, the Company may withhold delivery of all or part of any goods manufactured for or sold to the Purchaser or performance of any services to be rendered to the purchaser until payment is made in full of money then due.
During such time any sums outstanding shall accrue interest at the rate of 8% per annum over the base rate of the Bank of England as varied from time to time.  This shall be payable on all overdue accounts. The Company shall not be obliged to deliver any goods or perform any services if, subsequent to the contract date, he learns of circumstances which are in the reasonable judgement of the Company likely to adversely affect the ability of the Purchaser to pay for such goods or services in accordance with the contract, until such circumstances are removed and credit lines restored.
Any costs in recovering an overdue account will be added to the sum outstanding, which along with interest and VAT must be paid in full. The Purchaser acknowledges that non payment by his client for goods supplied by the Company is no valid reason for breach of the terms herewith.
1. Where such goods are installed before full payment is made, the Purchaser recognises the debt and the goods will fall due without encumbrance as clause 16 above.
2. Where such goods are covered by a Vesting Certificate, the payment dates at 16 above shall prevail and title will only transfer upon full settlement (as clause 18 below).

18. Reservation of the Property and Right of Disposal:
The title of the goods shall not pass to the Purchaser until the Purchaser has discharged all sums owed by the Purchaser to the Company at the date of final delivery of the goods whether or not such sums shall be due on this transaction between the Purchaser and the Company in respect of credit terms extended to the Purchaser by the Company or discounts agreed to be granted by the Company to the Purchaser.
The Purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe keeping and custody of all goods supplied until the goods have either been returned (as clause 13e) or 19) and received by the company or until all monies due in respect of the goods have been paid by the Purchaser.  The Purchaser shall also arrange insurance against all risks of fire, explosion, storm, tempest, flood, burst pipes, impact, aircraft, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, earthquake and theft and the Company will be entitled to inspect such Insurance Policy or Policies whenever required and such Insurance Cover shall be in the joint names of the Purchaser and the Company.  Should the goods become inter-mingled with other goods not the property of the Company through any process whatsoever, the Purchaser hereby undertakes not to dispose of any of the said intermingled goods until such time as all monies due in relation thereto have been paid to the Company.
19. Surplus Goods
In the event of Ordered goods being found surplus to contract the Company may, at its sole discretion, restock the goods. In that case a MINIMUM re-handling charge of 35% will apply.  This may increase should the companies supply-chain re-handling charge exceed the stated level. Any goods returned damaged will NOT be recognised for such credit.
20. Set Off: 
The Purchaser shall have no right to set off how so ever arising.  There is adequate provision and remedy within these terms.  The Purchaser has no right to set off sums relating to any other order or contract between the Parties, nor has he the right to set off anticipated costs.
21. Arbitration:
Should any dispute and/or claim arise between the parties hereto out of or in connection with this contract which cannot be settled amicably, the same shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1954 and/or any statutory modification thereof or substitution thereof or the equivalent clause of English Law. However, clauses 1-20 and 22 prevail pending such action.
22. Governing Law:
The Contract including these conditions shall be governed by the construed in accordance with English Law.

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